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Zhongshan Sundez Eco-energy Solution Co., Ltd

SDBW-30 Ground source heat pump 3kw-9kw

Laundry & Cleaning Appliances
SDBW-30 Ground source heat pump 3kw-9kw


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Offer Category: Laundry & Cleaning Appliances  -  Water Heater-Heat Pump

Offer Post Time: 2015-07-28

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Model: SDBW-30


Carriage: FOB Xiaolan


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Sundez 2013 new brine to water heat pump allows you to combine a water based heating system with a modern heat producing device. It saves energy consumption up to 80% compared with electric heaters.
The ultra quiet design makes the whole compressor and heat pump system on a floating plate, leads to a compete isolation from the heat pump bottom, and reduce vibration and noise at the most extent. That is to say, Sundez new brine to water heat pump is ideal for indoor installation.
The big controller screen with blue LED backlight and simple operation gives the best experience to users.
1)    Heating capacity 3KW, 4.5KW, 6KW, 9KW.
2)    Brine to water design, hot water outlet from 30DegC to 55DegC, suitable for floor heating and radiator, as well as domestic hot water.
3)    Can work with master-controller or indoor thermostat.
4)    Built-in heat curves (temperature compensation function), water temperature set value changes as per outdoor temperature.
5)    Ultra quiet design, the whole heat pump system is on a floating plate isolated from the heat pump cabinet to reduce vibration and noise at the most extent. The inside is with noise absorption layers.
6)    Big controller screen, with blue LED backlight, and simple operation.


Model   SDBW-30 SDBW-45 SDBW-60 SDBW-90
Operating temperature limits heating water supply max.55 max.55 max.55 max.55
Operating temperature limits brine (heat source) -5~25 -5~25 -5~25 -5~25
Heating capacity/coeff. Of perform. At B-5/W55 KW/- 2.5/2.9 3.6/3.0 5.3/3.0 6.2/2.8
at B0/W50 KW/- 2.8/3.5 4.0/3.8 5.7/3.7 8.2/4.0
at B0/W35 KW/- 3.1/4.5 4.3/4.6 6.2/4.5 9.0/4.5
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 220~240/1/50 220~240/1/50 220~240/1/50 220~240/1/50
Norminal power consumption at B0/W35 KW 0.69 0.9 1.38 2
Starting Current A 30 32 35 51
Refrigerant type   R410A R410A R410A R410A
Heating water flow rate m3/h 0.69 0.84 1.19 1.8
Water pressure drop, condenser Kpa 24 24 24 29
Brine flow rate m3/h 1.4 1.7 2.5 3.7
water pressure drop, evaporator Kpa 27 28 27 29
Heating water inlet/outlet dimension Inch 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" 1"
Brine flow inlet/outlet dimension Inch 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" 1"
Running Noise dBA 30 30 31 31
Net Dimension including rubber feet H x W x L mm 625*440*685 625*440*685 625*440*685 625*440*685
Net Weight kg 52 53 55 62
Packing Dimension mm 685*500*785 685*500*785 685*500*785 685*500*785
Packing Weight kg 60 61 63 70