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Zhongshan Sundez Eco-energy Solution Co., Ltd

SDDC-075-B DC Inverter Split Heat Pump

Laundry & Cleaning Appliances
SDDC-075-B DC Inverter Split Heat Pump


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Offer Category: Laundry & Cleaning Appliances  -  Water Heater-Heat Pump

Offer Post Time: 2015-07-28

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Model: SDDC-075-B


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 DC Inverter Air to Water Split Heat Pump (heating/cooling/DHW modes)
 Sundez DC inverter heat pump is one of the best heat pumps for house heating so far, with advanced DC inverter technology, saving 40% electricity than normal on/off heat pump in practical operation. The whole system is optimized with variable fan speed, while the temperature compensation function contributes to a more comfortable indoor environment. It can work with solar, boiler or electric heater according to practical condition of the heating system.
- with Advanced DC inverter technology, it saves 40% energy than normal heat pump in practical operation.
- 5 modes to manage cooling, heating and DHW, fit your need all year round.
- with Intelligent Heating curves (temperature compensation function), the water setting temperature adjusts automatically as the house's heat loss changes.
- Automatically variable fan speed in 3 grades to optimize heating efficiency.
- Can work with room thermostat / master controller / solar controller.
- Can work with auxiliary heater.
- Split design with water system indoor, preventing water frozen problem.
- Aviation plug for wire connection between indoor unit and outdoor unit, simplifies installation and avoids mistakes.
In indoor unit contains brazed plate heat exchanger, WILO circulation pump, expansion vessel, flow switch, water pressure gauge, air vent.
- Allows absence of buffer tank.
Model   SDDC-050-B SDDC-075-B SDDC-125-B
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 220-240/1/50 220-240/1/50 220-240/1/50
Rated Heating Capacity KW 5.5 8.6 17.2
Heating Capacity Range KW 0.87~7.00 1.50~10.50 2.60~19.80
Heating Input Power  W 300~1630 500~2450 1000~4400
COP  W/W 2.9~4.5 2.9~4.5 2.9~4.5
Max. hot water temperature DegC 55 55 55
Applicable ambient temp.  DegC -20~+43 -20~+43 -20~+43
Compressor    Inverter rotary Inverter rotary Inverter rotary
Refrigerant   R410A R410A R410A
Water Flow Volume m3/h 1 1.37 2.3
Water Pressure Drop kpa 12 12 20
Circulation pump   Built-in  Built-in  Built-in 
Fan Quantity     1 1 2
Fan direction     Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
 Noise Outdoor unit dB(A) 48 49 53
Indoor unit dB(A) 30 30 30
 Net weight Outdoor unit Kg 50 60 121
Indoor unit Kg 30 36 62
Net Dimension
Outdoor unit mm L×W×H 830*310*710 880*360*800 930*390*1270
 Indoor unit mm H×W×D 732*410*319 732*410*319 732*410*319
Test Condition(A7/W35): ambient Temp. DB/WB 7/6 DegC , water inlet /outlet Temp. 30/35 DegC.